About Us


I've been in the retail/wholesale crafting business for over 25 years. I love creating all sorts of crafts, lighted baskets, candles and primitive dolls.

I started my first craft show in Virginia back in the late 1980's selling stuffed bunnies and crocheted baby booties. After that show I was hooked and wanted to do more shows. Of course I had alot to learn and couldn't wait to get started. I went from bunnies & booties to country dolls & wall quilts. Then as the years passed I took the leap and tried something new.

In 2005 I heard the word Primitive, got hooked on creating anything primitive and couldn't get enough of it. So now I create primitive dolls, home decor baskets and even dabble alittle in candle making. Of course I got wax everywhere (including the side of the refrigerator). Still don't know how it got there! lol

I thank God for giving me this special gift. A Special thanks to my family and friends for listening to my crazy craft ideas. :-) 



Thank you for visiting my site and enjoy shopping!


Hugs and Blessings